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CRF 450R

The KX is gone and a 2002 CRF has taken it's place in the stable.  It truly is an awesome bike.  The first thing I had to do was install Flatland Racing radiator guards.  The left side radiator was tweaked just a little when I bought it.  The bike stalls easily in tight stuff and sometimes just above idle on straight stuff.  I have an EFM auto clutch on the way.  It was running rich so I had to lower the needle two positions to get it right.  I will be lowering the bike for my short legs. 

More to come. 

I sent the radiator to Myler's for repairs; they do great work and have a one day turnaround.  The radiators now have Flatland Racing guards protecting them.  I have installed an EFM auto clutch with Henson clutch basket which I love; great in tight woods.  The bike has Answer Pro Taper bar cut down 1 3/4 inches.  I have polished the frame, swing arm, and muffler.  I have installed an overflow tank for the radiator; it is made from a baby bottle and zip tied to the frame.