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Arkansas ATV Trails Links

Bear Creek Cycle Trail, Mill Creek, Huckleberry Mountain, Moccasin Gap

Bear Creek Cycle Trail is the only one I have ridden.  It was poorly marked and had a lot of downed timber from the 2000 ice storm.  I rode it in 2001 and it may be cleaned and remarked since then.  There was one mean hill coming from Daisy State Park but the rest of it was good riding.  There is excellent improved camping at several places along the trail. 

Wolf Pen Gap

I have now ridden Wolf Pen Gap with a friend who knows the trails pretty well.  We did a lot of road riding, legal from where we parked, to get to the trails.  My other bike is a KX 125, I would not want to tackle those hills on it; the steep hills can be avoided and are marked before you commit as being for "expert only."  You need to either go slooooow through the creek crossings or wheelie through them.  I went a little to fast through one and was down in the water before I knew what happened; slick as ice.  We parked right next to a river or big creek, I am not sure witch, and were able to rinse off after the ride; it was hot and dusty riding ant the cool water was refreshing.  There are good unimproved camping places all around where we parked at.